Low FODMAP Fiber Supplement

If you have the digestion and absorption issues that are common with IBS, Gastroparesis and other gastrointestinal problems along with the inability to process many carbohydrates, you probably find it impossible to incorporate enough fiber into your diet. The simple solution is to add a fiber supplement, but most fiber supplements are plant based and … Continue reading Low FODMAP Fiber Supplement


Are Vaccines Safe for My Condition?

"Is it safe to get x vaccine if I have y disorder?" I hear this question asked all the time in support groups, on twitter and blog posts by spoonies. There are a lot of questions and confusion these days around the safety of vaccinations for children, elders and people with chronic illness or auto-immune … Continue reading Are Vaccines Safe for My Condition?

To try to bring some good vibes and positive mojo to DD, I will now be featuring "Good News Around the Net" every Friday. They will just be little tidbits that I find that celebrate positive experiences shared within the disabled/chronically ill community. It could be a post I captured in screen shot, a news … Continue reading