Cincinnati @Bengals Discriminate Against Disabled

"If you want to take the measure of a society, just look at how they treat their most vulnerable members. The Bengals fail this simple litmus test. They lose nothing by accommodating those with invisible disabilities with dignity and respect. By attempting to bar them from using the elevators or attempting to intimidate them out of asking to use the elevators at Paul Brown Stadium, they are breaking the law."


“Not My Problem” Healthcare: Cultural & Societal Ethics

Reblogged from Medivisor: What happens when people, working in healthcare, choose to ignore pain and suffering?  What happens when a patient or caregiver complains?  Here’s an eye witness account of what happened to one young woman.  ”I was there to soften the blow of threatening letters from clinicians refusing her care… I’ve stood there while clinicians, … Continue reading “Not My Problem” Healthcare: Cultural & Societal Ethics