Wall Push Ups

Wall Push Ups are a good way to build upper body strength fast and are a big part of what keeps my right shoulder from popping out of place every time I wash myself or roll over in bed. I also believe wall push-ups, along with one other exercise, keep my costochondritis and rib subluxations … Continue reading Wall Push Ups


Leg Lifts for Lumbar Issues

Leg lifts are another core exercise great for the upper and lower abdominals, but traditional leg lifts usually offer way too much resistance if you have degenerative disc disease, particularly in the lumbar region. These modified leg lifts are safe for almost anyone with spinal deterioration or connective tissue disorders if you follow the instructions … Continue reading Leg Lifts for Lumbar Issues

Pelvic Tilts and Lifts

Many people neglect core exercises, yet having a strong core is essential to a harmonious and whole body. Two of the best exercises for beginning core work are pelvic tilts and lifts. They are great for protecting the back when you have issues like degenerating discs and spinal stenosis in the lumbar region (low back). … Continue reading Pelvic Tilts and Lifts