Avoiding Scams Targeted at Seniors, Chronically Ill

Fraud and scams against the elderly and disabled have existed for centuries. Scam artists typically identify these groups because they view them as easy to bilk out of their savings. In this era of high tech, fraud has become even easier. In this post, I'll cover some of the more popular scams, as well as … Continue reading Avoiding Scams Targeted at Seniors, Chronically Ill

Guest Post: Making It As a Spoonie Girl Boss

It's been a while since the Zebra Pit has added to our Working with Chronic Illness series. I enlisted the help of spoonie entrepreneur, graphic designer and blogger Kirsten, who owns Graphic Organic and works as a freelance graphic designer. Kirsten was kind enough to lay out a few of the things she found instrumental to building her business and discusses a little about how she manages the needs and constraints of her chronic illness with her work. Please help offer Kirsten a warm Zebra Pit welcome. I hope you appreciate her invaluable advice as much as I do!