Myofascial Therapy Resources 

All the resources that have helped me most in getting to know my fascia and best practices for fasciablasting.

Domestic Violence: Breaking the Cycle For Good

Abuse victims don’t have to remain victims and you don't have to continue to put yourself second to the needs of others. Anyone can learn how to become a survivor and live in your own truth instead. You can have a healthy mind and lead healthy life with a healthy partner. It doesn’t happen magically. It takes a lot of work, as does anything worth achieving, but I can tell you firsthand the work is more than worth it and pays off heavily in happiness dividends.

Dietary Changes to Improve Every Spoonie’s Health, Pt. 2

When I wrote part 1 of this article and spoke about the known effects of glyphosate (aka roundup) in the body and the possible effects, I couldn't find any studies to back up my suspicions that glyphosate and other herbicides and pesticides like it are contributing to the major uptick in autoimmune, connective tissue and neurodegenerative diseases … Continue reading Dietary Changes to Improve Every Spoonie’s Health, Pt. 2