New Year’s Resolutions and the Art of Setting Goals

Recently, I've found myself contemplating setting some new year's resolutions, even though I stopped the practice some time ago. I've never been real big on new year's resolutions, mostly because I've never been good at sticking to them. They felt rote and arbitrary to me, like if I did them, I was always doing them … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions and the Art of Setting Goals


How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Here's an excellent guide on eliminating boundary crossing. If you commonly feel like you're being taken advantage of, you probably are and this is going to be an enlightening read for you. What most people fail to recognize is their own culpability in the situation. I'm by no means saying one should stew in their … Continue reading How to Set Healthy Boundaries

When Family Denies Your Pain

It took me a long time to understand why my physical collapse to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) caused an equally emotional one that precipitated a total separation from my biological family. Suddenly, I was every bit as angry with them as if I was back there living in the time when I was still beholden to … Continue reading When Family Denies Your Pain

Disability, Grief & Looking Toward the Future

After years of therapy and hard work on the self, I had a certain sense of pride in all I accomplished to overcome so many of the negative childhood thoughts, feelings and behaviors that came from being a neglected child who spent her life as the family scapegoat and caregiver. One particular point of pride … Continue reading Disability, Grief & Looking Toward the Future

My First Landscape Painting

This is my first landscape painting in 30 years and I'm sure it shows, lol. The only other landscape painting I've ever done was in my 9th grade art class and if I remember correctly, it was a shot of brilliant white lightening in the dark purple of a desert night. I no longer have … Continue reading My First Landscape Painting