Supplements and Safety: How Aloe Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack

How the perfect combination of supplements brought to light my heart condition and how we figured it out before it was too late.


Quercetin and MCADs

If you suffer from a mast cell activation disorder (MCAD) such as mastocytosis or mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS you may benefit greatly by taking quercetin, even over cromolyn. I recently found this bioflavinoid in my search to improve my own struggle with an as yet diagnosed mast cell condition and have been very impressed with the initial results. In this post, I will discuss the properties quercetin possesses, what’s been found in laboratory testing regarding the supplement, my own experiences with the supplement and whether it might be right for you.

MCAD: Medications and Treatments

Mast Cell Activation Disorders can be quite complex to treat. Able to attack any system in the body, there’s a wide range of symptoms one must account for when treating these disorders. In my previous posts, we discussed how eating a low histamine diet can help you avoid flares, along with other ways to avoid … Continue reading MCAD: Medications and Treatments

AloeMD 20% Off!

Happy Labor Day my favorite zebras and spoonies in the world! Just a quick note to let you know that one of the BEST natural pain relievers around is having a LABOR DAY SALE! That’s right, AloeMD is 20% off this entire week! Don’t know what AloeMD does? You can read about this natural, aloe … Continue reading AloeMD 20% Off!

AloeMD; Pain Relief + Healing

AloeMD is a topical pain relief cream that I recently had the opportunity to try as part of a 3 day study.  The claims about AloeMD are impressive, so I was a little wary at first. I was told it would not only relieve my pain, but actually heal the extracellular matrix and that it … Continue reading AloeMD; Pain Relief + Healing