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Liebster Award Nomination

I‚Äôm proud to announce The Zebra Pit has been nominated for a Liebster Award! Many thanks to Carole Scrafton at FibroFlutters for the nomination! Unfortunately, it's taken me a bit longer to compile all of the information I needed to accept the award and nominate others, but that in no way diminishes the excitement and … Continue reading Liebster Award Nomination

Something to Say?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to expand on articles or memes you find about your illness, issues of access, current laws or practices regarding healthcare and access or just want to share some interesting tips you've picked up living your day to day life with your chronic illness or disability? Do you want to … Continue reading Something to Say?

Effective Treatments for ME/CFS: A Review by Australian Researchers This article highlights some of the many problems that worker time and time again in studies for ME/CFS. Its worth the read not only two understand the complexity of this problem, but also because it highlights at least a few of the drugs that do seem to be effective for helping us to fight … Continue reading Effective Treatments for ME/CFS: A Review by Australian Researchers