Directory of Health Bloggers

Variety is the spice of life, we get that. Here is a list of excellent blogs to help spice up our lives. ūüôā Get information on other conditions, meet some great new friends, and see what some of my personal favorites have to offer you.¬† To visit any of these blogs, simply click on the blog’s name.


Autistic And Unapologetic

Autistic & Unapologetic is an autism awareness site founded by one lad on a journey to find out what makes him (autis)tic.

Autistic Hoya

Thoughts on disability justice, neurodiversity, intersectional activism.

Autistic Zebra

Personal journal about living with Autism and disability.

I CAN Be Autistic

Tales of wonder from the Autism Spectrum.

Karrie Higgins

Neurodivergent and disabled writer & intermedia artist. 

Life of an Aspie

A young woman’s journey with Aspergers Syndrome.

Maranda Russell

Autism, depression, and chronic pain.

OldLady With Autism

Autism Advocacy.

Restless Hands

Notes from a Not-Quite Neurotypical.

The Silent Wave

Life through one female Asperger’s lens.

Stim The Line

Autism Plus Some.

Autoimmune Disease

A Chronic Voice 

Lifelong diseases through various perspectives.

Sick With Optimism

Exploring Illness, Attitudes, Inspirations and a Personal Journey through AutoImmune Disease.


Find Your Own Hope

Online Journal.

Healing CFS/

Alternative healing therapy and CFS/ME.

Not Just Tired

Raising awareness of ME/CFS and learning to live well with it.


Catch Your Breath 60

Navigating COPD and other chronic illness in the Canadian health system.

Chronic Illness

Despite Pain

Living with chronic pain.

Graphic Organic

Chronic illness blog, Eco boutique, Graphic design

Keah Brown

Disability rights advocate, writer, journalist, author.

Life of Pippa

Advocacy for chronic illness in U.K. 

Notebooks And Glasses

Understanding and coping with chronic pain.

Rockabilly Spoonie

Chronic Illness blog.

The Kiwi Spoonie

Spoonie blogger from down under.

Upbeat Living

Thriving despite chronic illness.


Chronically Salty

Advice for spoonies living with chronic illness.

Musings of a Dysautonomiac

Here you will find posts about health and wellness, chronic illness, and living life one pill compartment at a time.


A chronic illness blog, writing mostly about living with chronic illness, products for chronic illness, health management, chronic illness tips and how family and friends can support a chronically ill loved one.

Cranberry Tea Time

life with dysautonomia and the hope and joy that can be found in the midst of momentary troubles.


Brains and Bodies

A blog covering chronic and invisible illnesses, mental health, food allergies and well being. 

Diary of a Zebra

Short Blog Description:Life with multiple disabilities and everything in between.

EDS Wellness

Non profit blog seeking to educate and promote well being strategies. 

Invisible but not Broken

 A weekly podcast and blog interviewing others with chronic illness, invisible illness, and disability with monthly panels on topics that affect the spoonie community. Invisible Not Broken is unapologetically full of life, snark, and humor.

The Invincible Summer

Lifestyle, Health, Art, Happiness.

Katja’s contributions in word,picture and writing

Patient advocate: EDS – Endo/Adeno – Dysautonomia – Angry Mastcells – Crazy Platelets.

Moving Naturally with Hypermobility

Education for patients and healthcare providers on proper physical therapy techniques, natural movement, and restorative exercise for Hypermobility Syndromes, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), including the complexities often caused by overlapping conditions. 

Oh Twist!

EDS, MCAD, and Dysautonomia.

Study In Fitness

Fitness and well being blog slanted toward EDS.

Sustainable Spoonie

Tips and tricks for living a sustainable life with chronic illness.



Online Journal with lots of humor.


Chronic illness support and advocacy.

Fighting With Fibro 

Discusses Fibro, CFS, Chronic illness and pain, chronic migraines.

Invisibly Me 

Life with a chronic, invisible illness.

There is Always Hope 

Educating and empowering those with chronic illness.

Through the Fibro Fog

Tips and tricks for living with chronic illness as well as simple but delicious low histamine recipes.

Reclaiming Hope 

Thriving with Fibromyalgia.

A Journey Through The Fog

Dealing with mental rigors of chronic illness. (Me/Cfs, Fibro)

The Disabled Diva‚Äôs Blog 

Dominating life despite chronic pain.


Hell’s Bells and Mast Cells

My absurd life with Mast Activation Syndrome.

Mast Cell

An online resource for living with mast cell disorders.


Dr. Eric Perry, Ph.D

Psychology to Motivate | Inspire | Uplift 

Nyxie’s Nook

Trained health and safety officer with an underlying passion for mental health,crystals and unconventional spirituality.

Mental Health @ Home

Building mental wellness on a foundation of strength.

Tea & Cake For The Soul

Comfort food for the soul.

Wholeness Haven

Inspiration, encouragement and tips to live better naturally.


A 30 Minute Life

Patient Advocate, Patient Representative.

Walk a Myelin* My Shoes

Life, writing, health of an MS warrior.


3 thoughts on “Directory of Health Bloggers

  1. You are such a blessing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me on your list. I am genuinely touched & honored! God bless you, my friend! ūü§ó


    1. Of course! You provide great information and you’re a wonderful source of support and inspiration to the chronic illness community. I’m finally well enough to start contributing and reading again. I’ve missed it all so much and you’re definitely on my list of people to catch up with. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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