Movement & Therapies

Zebra Pit Guide to Movement and Therapies

If you’ve come to find resources for safe movement and therapies that will help reduce pain and increase your quality of life, you’ve come to the right place! This page catalogs everything the Zebra Pit has published on the subject.


Gentle Movement to Combat Pain & Avoid Dislocations

Exercise Videos and Tutorials:

  • Tips for Exercising with EDS– A visual guide to safe exercise with connective tissue disease and joint issues, not just for EDS
  • Exercises for Jamming Ankles– How to strengthen ankles, feet and calves without using any equipment.
  • Organizing Your Fitness Routine A video Discussion
  • Pelvic Tilts and Lifts– For a strong core that will support your overall health and improve back pain
  • Leg Lifts for Lumbar Issues– These modified leg lifts work great for people with back problems or who are seriously deconditioned because they work the core while protecting the back, offering lower resistance than traditional leg lifts.
  • Side Leg Lifts and IT Band Stretches – Can be done laying down or standing to build core and leg strength
  • Wall Squats– A great alternative to the traditional squat for bad backs and knees
  • Wall Push Ups – An alternative to traditional push ups that are easier on wrists and elbows and help prevent shoulder and rib subluxations by building muscle in these areas
  • Neck Strengthening Exercises– Gentle strengthening exercises for mildly troubled necks.
  • Upper Body Resistance Exercises – For beginners, these easy exercises can be done standing, sitting or lying down. They also reduce dislocations of the shoulders, collar bones, ribs, and elbows, as well as costochondritis.
  • Wall Resistance Exercises for Arms – These beginning exercises require nothing but the outer corner of a wall and your own gumption. Great when first getting out of bed after a long period of illness.
  • Simple Leg Mop Exercises strengthen legs, ankles, feet and core

Therapies and Bodywork