The Poetry of Pain

Four of my poems about what it's like to experience chronic illness, pain or particular symptoms are being displayed on The Unchargeables right now. I don't usually discuss the meaning behind my poems, but I wanted to offer a little explanation of each for those who aren't real familiar with poetry so that they might … Continue reading The Poetry of Pain


MCAS & Doctors Disbelieving Patients

This is one of those posts where I try to reconcile what happened at my last doctor’s appointment, which means it is stream of consciousness and I am pretty angry. It was my appointment with an allergist and mast cell/eosinophilic specialist here in Cincinnati. It was my initial consultation with this doctor and while I … Continue reading MCAS & Doctors Disbelieving Patients

Eye Rate

Lavender and Levity shared this interesting and informative piece about the difficulty she's been having with her vision due to the muscle weakness caused by EDS. As eye problems are common in EDS, I wanted to share this article with the community here at the Zebra Pit. When she shard it as part of Toot … Continue reading Eye Rate

September Superheroes Caide & Madi!

September’s Heroes are the dynamic duos Caide and Madi, who run Recovery Buddy Parcels together. A new service, Recovery Buddy Parcels works worldwide to pair people with chronic health and mental illnesses together. These Buddies then lend each other support and occasionally exchange small, inexpensive gifts to help raise flagging spirits during tough times. The … Continue reading September Superheroes Caide & Madi!

AloeMD 20% Off!

Happy Labor Day my favorite zebras and spoonies in the world! Just a quick note to let you know that one of the BEST natural pain relievers around is having a LABOR DAY SALE! That’s right, AloeMD is 20% off this entire week! Don’t know what AloeMD does? You can read about this natural, aloe … Continue reading AloeMD 20% Off!