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Zebra Pit Product Reviews

Whether you’re looking for a great book to read, a way to relieve pain or even a new hobby, these posts provide an in-depth review of some of our favorite finds for people with chronic illness.

Assistance, Mobility and Wellness Devices


  • Book Review: A Light in the Darkness A memoir of creative inspiration in chronic illness by DM sufferer and musician Lisa Sniderman, aka Aoede.
  • Book Review: Salt in My Soul – Author Mallory Smith may have lost the battle in her fight with Cystic Fibrosis, but she left behind an incredible legacy in this journal style memoir that takes us through her brief, but courageous and beautiful life.
  • Book Review: Hypermobility Without Tears – Jeannie Di Bon shares her methods and philosophies that are the Integrated Movement Method in this fantastic book for people with hypermobility.
  • Book Review: Mast Cells United – Amber Walker put together an amazing resource for people with mast cell activation syndrome in this comprehensive book about the condition!
  • Book Review: Take Daily As Needed – Kathryn Trueblood captures what life is really like in a multiple chronic illness household, dealing with aging parents and getting spread too thin when you’re the family caretaker. A must read book for every spoonie for it’s refreshing honesty about life with chronic illness.