Spoonie Art and Culture

A catalog of everything presented on the Zebra Pit about spoonie art, culture and relaxation. We have a little bit of everything!

Branching out from our tradtional health and wellness topics, the Zebra Pit is proud to announce its new Spoonie Art & Culture section. We have a little bit of everything for the discerning person with chronic illness. Whether you're looking for a great new book to read, want to learn about how pets enrich our lives, want to check out some poetry and essays by other people with chronic illness, or get advice for a special evening out, the Zebra Pit has people with chronic illness covered!

Hobbies & Creativity

Stories, Poems & Books by and for Spoonies

  • Didn’t Ask – A poem about EDS and looking toward the future.
  • National Poetry Day – Poems by Michelle and others.
  • A Light in the Darkness – A book by Lisa Sniderman, aka Aoede, in this novel about DM and lifting oneself up with creativity.
  • Salt in My Soul – This journal style memoir left by writer Mallory Smith about life with Cystic Fibrosis is a must read for every chronic illness warrior.
  • Poetry for the Invisibly Ill – Select poems about chronic illness by Pamela Jessen.
  • The Poetry of Pain – Select poems about chronic illness by Michelle Curtis.
  • Easy Book Clip – If you love the smell of books or just manage better with reading them, you’ll love this clip, which holds the book open for you.

Entertaining Essays

Fun Resources and Community Services

  • Recovery Buddy Parcel Exchange – Get paired with a chronic illness and/or mental health pen pal and learn more about the people behind the service
  • The Disabled Tourist Guide – A man with mobility issues offering disability travel tour services throughout Morocco. Learn about his life, his business and his services
  • Ogrefairy Doodles – Amazing cripple punk art and portraiture for spoonies from a warrior with multiple chronic conditions
  • Breanna’s Cards – Get a quick pick me up from Breanna and her lovely card service and learn more about this amazing athlete with multiple conditions
  • Preparing for Concerts & Events with MCAS – Going out? Get some tips on how to protect yourself when visiting a large venue.
  • Warrior Life Planner – learn about this great planner designed exclusively for spoonies by a spoonie and find out why she decided to start this great business.

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