Review: ‘The Influencer’ Makeup Organizer

Looking for a large organizer for your makeup? Check out the Influencer from Base 4, complete with pictures of it fully loaded with products.


FaceBlaster Beauty Results

Normally I don't discuss the aesthetic side of fasciablasting because that's not why I got into doing these treatments. If you refer back to my previous articles about the Faceblaster, you know I've used it to relieve many of the symptoms related to my EDS and many comorbid conditions. When I bought the Faceblaster to treat … Continue reading FaceBlaster Beauty Results

FasciaBlaster’s Fab Little Sister; The FaceBlaster

The FaceBlaster does so much more than it's name implies. So much so that I feel like it's a bit of a misnomer. Yes, incredibly it can sculpt your face and often times eliminate many of the most hated signs of aging such as a sagging jawline: However, the marketing around these devices for their … Continue reading FasciaBlaster’s Fab Little Sister; The FaceBlaster

FaceBlaster now available! 

i The FaceBlaster, which is the smallest Blaster available from Ashley Black designed specifically for use on the face, hands and feet, is finally available! It's the first time it's been available without pre-order since I began blasting. Right now, it comes packaged with oils, lotion and cleanser for $99, here. There are tutorials and instructions, here. … Continue reading FaceBlaster now available!