Wall Resistance Exercises for Arms

This post was updated July 7, 2020. Thank you. Another set of simple exercises for those who are trying to get going after a long period of inactivity due to illness. While these exercises are demonstrated in a standing position, they can be done seated, as well. You can combine them with these upper body … Continue reading Wall Resistance Exercises for Arms

Paralysis and PACE

I had to share this harrowing experience Jenny conveyed on her blog. I myself have never experienced full paralysis and hope I never do, but I have had more than my fair share of frustrating experiences with hospitals and doctors who are condescending and clueless, as well you know.

My heart goes out to Jenny and I hope this experience remains an isolated incident for her. These kinds of experiences are exactly why people with ME must stick together and share what works with the community at large. We need each other and the few treatments we find, either alone or with health care providers. We also need the emotional support we can provide one another, as no one understands quite like another person with ME, even if we all experience this disease somewhat differently.

Tips for ME

I’m dictating this to Google lying down so the grammar Mike be a bit off. that is an example of what I mean which I’ll leave in for the comedy value, comedy is probably much needed in this post. I want to get my experiences down from this week before I forget them though. In the circumstances I believe you’ll forgive a little rambling and bad grammar for now.

The reason I’m recording this  is that I feel the  experience illustrates the dark side of what the  PACE trial leads to when you’re in an emergency situation (a large poorly designed study into CBT and Graded Exercise which despite long term null results has been popularly interpreted as meaning positive thinking and getting moving are the best approach to ME). it’s not all doom and gloom though there are also glimpses of what Healthcare can be like beyond PACE when…

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