Smoked Ham and Brie Omelet for Two

This delicious, nutritious, low FODMAP breakfast for two marries the complementary flavors of smoked ham, brie, eggs and tomatoes. Easy on sensitive spoonie tummies without sacrificing the taste.

Greek Chicken Pasta

Taste the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean in this pasta dish featuring chicken, kalamata olives, feta, tomato and oregano. Made low FODMAP for people with IBS, gastroparesis and other GI disorders, this recipe will please the palate and the gut!

Chicken Monterey

Creamy Monterey jack, smoky bacon, tomato and onion meld with grilled chiken to entice your taste buds in this recipe. It can easily be adapted for just about any sensitive tummy, right down to plain grilled chicken or topped with one or two of these fresh, flavorful ingredients.