Upper Body Resistance Exercises

These simple resistance exercises can be done anywhere using practically any small, lightweight object and will help you take the first steps to restoring muscle-tone after long term illness or inactivity.


Neck Strengthening Exercises

These resistance exercises for the neck are so simple, I had a tough time conveying the concept. Basically, you're going to push against your head in order to create resistance; something for your neck to have to fight against. You can't really see it in the video, because you're not supposed to move your head, … Continue reading Neck Strengthening Exercises

Wall Push Ups

Wall Push Ups are a good way to build upper body strength fast and are a big part of what keeps my right shoulder from popping out of place every time I wash myself or roll over in bed. I also believe wall push-ups, along with one other exercise, keep my costochondritis and rib subluxations … Continue reading Wall Push Ups