How to Lift and Sculpt the Face Using the FaceBlaster

Blasting the face and neck with the FaceBlaster, Ashley Black's tiniest version of a FasciaBlaster, can provide a number of benefits from the aesthetic to health and wellness concerns. In this video, I talk about my faceblasting technique, what it does for me and why how it helps, both cosmetically and for chronic pain.


Fascia Treatments for EDS: Moving into Maintenance Phase

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about the fasciablaster and faceblaster. That’s in part because I’ve been doing a bit of an experiment. I quit doing my full routine of fasciablasting to see what would happen. In the spirit of full disclosure, my experiment began with a lack of time and energy. I … Continue reading Fascia Treatments for EDS: Moving into Maintenance Phase

FaceBlaster Beauty Results

Normally I don't discuss the aesthetic side of fasciablasting because that's not why I got into doing these treatments. If you refer back to my previous articles about the Faceblaster, you know I've used it to relieve many of the symptoms related to my EDS and many comorbid conditions. When I bought the Faceblaster to treat … Continue reading FaceBlaster Beauty Results