How to Sign up for our Facebook Contest

We're running a contest on Facebook right now to win this great bundle which includes Jeannie Di Bon's amazing new fitness book for hypermobility. I've gotten so many questions about how to sign up for our contest on Facebook, I decided to spell it out step-by-step. The images are all computer examples, but I explain how to do it on a phone in the print portion.

Book Review: ‘Hypermobility Without Tears’ by Jeannie Di Bon.

Hypermobility without Tears teaches nearly everything you need to know about EDS and fitness. Di Bon guides you through step by step; first introducing the concepts she’s working with. Practice the exercises recommended as you read through the book, and you will already be on your way to improving your health. Maintain those practices on a regular basis, and you are on your way to developing a life of less pain, easier movement and more stability throughout the body designed to protect your joints.