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MCAD: Medications and Treatments

Mast Cell Activation Disorders can be quite complex to treat. Able to attack any system in the body, there‚Äôs a wide range of symptoms one must account for when treating these disorders. In my previous posts, we discussed how eating a low histamine diet can help you avoid flares, along with other ways to avoid … Continue reading MCAD: Medications and Treatments

Are Most Spoonies Suffering from MCAD?

Are Mast Cell Activation Disorders (MCAD) being missed and heavily under-diagnosed in a large portion of patients with chronic illness? Could these easily misunderstood conditions be the cause of the rapid fluctuations in your health? Do you start out having a great day, only to have your energy levels plummet within hours or moments of … Continue reading Are Most Spoonies Suffering from MCAD?

Understanding Mast Cell Disorders

I haven't done a post highlighting mast cell activation disorders (MCAD) yet, because I wasn't entirely convinced I had it and frankly because every time I began to research it, I would get my hands on some highly technical piece on a brain-foggy day and gave up on even trying to understand it. I reasoned … Continue reading Understanding Mast Cell Disorders