Study Points to More Effective Treatment than IV Infusions for Low Blood Volume in OI, POTS

The study revealed that both saline and ORS are effective in the short term treatment of OI. However, the ORS, with it's combination of sugars, potassium and sodium, was proven to be even more effective than the saline. While simple sodium can help raise blood volume, ORS still seems to be the better option, according to this study. Better yet, ORS is readily available, as well as affordable and it doesn't require a visit to an infusion center or the use of ports and is obviously much less invasive, providing fewer risks than any venipuncture.

Get Up, Stand Up: New Study Financed For OI Sufferers.

As many of you who follow Disability Depot already know, my wife suffers from ME/CFS. In relation to this debilitating disease, she suffers from Orthostatic Intolerance, as well. Orthostatic Intolerence, or OI, is the inability to remain upright without suffering a number of symptoms which range in severity from nausea to passing out. As a … Continue reading Get Up, Stand Up: New Study Financed For OI Sufferers.