Are Most Spoonies Suffering from MCAD?

Are Mast Cell Activation Disorders (MCAD) being missed and heavily under-diagnosed in a large portion of patients with chronic illness? Could these easily misunderstood conditions be the cause of the rapid fluctuations in your health? Do you start out having a great day, only to have your energy levels plummet within hours or moments of … Continue reading Are Most Spoonies Suffering from MCAD?

Leg Lifts for Lumbar Issues

Leg lifts are another core exercise great for the upper and lower abdominals, but traditional leg lifts usually offer way too much resistance if you have degenerative disc disease, particularly in the lumbar region. These modified leg lifts are safe for almost anyone with spinal deterioration or connective tissue disorders if you follow the instructions … Continue reading Leg Lifts for Lumbar Issues