My So Called Post-COVID Life

The symptoms began 4 days before my 48th birthday. Like so many, at first, I thought it was a reaction to pollen, arriving with the volatile weather and fragile greens trumpeting winter’s end. When the sore throat began and breathing became more and more difficult without any other sign of allergic reaction, I began to fear my isolation had come too late. Somehow I had caught the virus before it was even supposed to be in my area. Coronavirus, COVID-19.

Younger Releases Preliminary ME/CFS Subset Study Results

Editor's Note: This post was last rechecked and updated on 4/13/19. Thank you. Jared Younger, one if the freshest minds on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research seems to have already uncovered three distinct subsets of the illness. The first points to a distinctly viral kind which produces C reactive protein that corresponds directly … Continue reading Younger Releases Preliminary ME/CFS Subset Study Results