My Ehlers-Danlos Story

Now that I finally have a diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and have a complete picture of my health, what I believe went wrong to make me so sick and the ways I’ve worked to combat many of those problems, I felt it might be constructive for myself and others if I took the time … Continue reading My Ehlers-Danlos Story

“Not My Problem” Healthcare: Cultural & Societal Ethics

Reblogged from Medivisor: What happens when people, working in healthcare, choose to ignore pain and suffering?  What happens when a patient or caregiver complains?  Here’s an eye witness account of what happened to one young woman.  ”I was there to soften the blow of threatening letters from clinicians refusing her care… I’ve stood there while clinicians, … Continue reading “Not My Problem” Healthcare: Cultural & Societal Ethics