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Take Five! Spiderman Returns

Five Marvel Characters Spiderman Should Team Up With, Now That He’s Back in the MCU.

If you’re a Marvel geek like I am. You were absolutly giddy over the fact that Sony and Disney patched things up, and that your friendly neighborhood spiderman will continue web slinging in the MCU for the near future. The deal for the short term is that there will be a Spiderman 3, as well as one crossover movie. You may be asking crossover with who? Great question! Here are my five takes on who that hero, or anti-hero, should be.

Take 1: Wolverine

Not just any Wolverine: Only Hugh Jackman as Wolverine will do!

Take 2: Fantastic Four

Spiderman might actually make another FF reboot watchable!

Take 3: Squirrel Girl

A Squirrel Girl movie needs to happen, and Spidey would be a welcome addition!

Success! You're on the list.

Take 4: Daredevil

This crossover would be amazing in my opinion. Almost as amazing as my…

Last take of the day: Deadpool

The comic book version of the Spiderman/Deadpool bromance is spectacular. A Spidey/DP cinematic crossover would be legendary! This team-up would be my top pick by far, and possibly a dream come true!

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